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How I wrote the book

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How I wrote the book
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In addition to numerous interviews with Peggy, I interviewed  her friends, her relatives and her colleagues, both in Australia and, courtesy of AAPT’s special weekend phone rates, overseas. I frequented the Mitchell Library, the National Library of Australia, The National Archives, the Research Library of the National Gallery and the Victorian Performing Arts Museum. The internet also revealed a wealth of information. I selected photos from more than 2000 images in archives and private collections in Australia and overseas.


After five years’ research, I completed my manuscript.


I wanted my book to be a balanced integration of narrative, reviews, illustrations and photos. To achieve this I needed control of the layout. I therefore self-published.


 I created the book cover and optimised the photos with Photoshop. I did the layout to the pre-press stage with PageMaker, then handed over to Southwood Press for printing and binding. Because of the large number of photos, I specified 115gsm Matte Art paper.


The completed book arrived from the printer on 24 March 2004