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Kirsova Playground Number Three

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Kirsova Playground Number Three
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Pocket Park Perfection


An article by Fay Mander-Jones in The Glebe Society Bulletin, November/December 2004


Tucked behind Benledi a minor miracle has happened. A long time neglected corner of Glebe has been transformed into a magical place, a transformation that has to be seen to be believed.

Neighbours and friends, young and old, have worked hard over many years to maintain and improve Kirsova Playground, at one stage even saving it from the developers’ outstretched hands, but nobody in their wildest dreams expected the results we now celebrate. I remember writing in a submission to Leichhardt Council that Kirsova Playground ‘deserved its chance to shine and its place in the sun’. Well, that time has arrived!


We now look forward to its opening and to the installation of a commemorative plaque recognizing Mme Kirsova’s vision for the children of Glebe, a vision that has now been realized. We have applied for the laneway, as yet un-named, to be titled ‘Kirsova Lane’. I am hopeful of success in this area.


Congratulations and many thanks to The City of Sydney Council.


                                                                                Fay Mander-Jones